How to backup your website via Cpanel

If there is one thing I always remind my client of, that is to make it a habit to backup their websites.  Why? So we can always have them back when things go wrong.  A programmer or someone we let access our files can make a human mistake or our hosting provider can mess up, or our servers can crash.  If you have a backup of your website files, you can always restore them in their latest form.

  • Download a backup of the files in your pc.
  • Email yourself a copy of the backup if you can.
  • You can partially backup or dowload a full backup of your website via Cpanel

How to do a a site backup via Cpanel?

  1. Login to your Cpanel, look for the icon Backup or Backup Wizard
  2. Download a Full Website backup or partial backup



A backup file will be generated and you can freely download it your pc!


You can also do a partial backup if you only want to backup the Home Directory or just the database

  • Take Note that a Full Website backup cannot be restored on a Cpanel.  You need to send it to your hosting provider or you need to have a WHM control panel to restore it yourself.

How to restore a full website backup Click Here

  • The partial backups of home directory and database can be restored on a cpanel.

How to restore a backup via Cpanel. Click Here.


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