$5 Rentals

What are the Benefits of having your own website?

  • You have everything in One Place –

If you are marketing online and you love promoting traffic exchanges & viral mailers, it is a MUST to have your own page.  A page that you personally control to post your promotional tools like banners and text ads!  This basically means you will have everything in one place!

  • You are building your own Network!

You can anytime email and invite your members to your best programs!  Earn more sales commissions!

  • The Best Part is you are Selling Ad Spaces and Earning!

$5 monhtly rental fee is nothing!  You can sell ad spaces and enjoy all your profits!  Just promote your website hard and your members will keep coming on using your ad spaces!

Kick Start Your Own Adboard for just $5.00 monthly!

See Demo Click Here!

What do you need?

  • a Domain Name – purchase your domain name at namecheap.com – recommended
  • Subscribe to the rental pay $5.oo a month
  • Order Mini Site Design Header, Footer, Background & 3 Animated/Static Banners worth $35,00  Click Here

Terms and Conditions

  • You will have 100% Access to Admin Panel (no cpanel access on rentals, we help you upload files you need)
  • You will keep all your Sales and Profits
  • You will not use the site for promotion of unacceptable contents (ex. adult contents, hate campaigns)
  • For $5 monthly, you are provided a decent allowance for your website to run, if your site has grown extremely busy we will notify you for upgrading your package.
  • $5 Cpanel Package gives you:
    1000 MB Disk Space
    10000 MB Bandwidth

    No addon domains

  • Support is provided for the script and hosting
  • We will do the site back ups regularly to secure your site data
  • The Design includes graphics set of header, footer,background & 3 animated banners already.

Availing our offer only means you understood and accepted our Terms and Conditions.

Subscribe Now to $5 Monthly Rentals

Order Mini Site Design worth $35.00 at Daphnes.info

Header, Footer, Background & 3 Animated/Static Banners


What are the Features in this Adboard Script?

  • All Members can post daily text ads for free!  The latest free ads will show on the homepagecapture

  • Members can buy Premium Ads to be displayed with priority on the homepage.  Admin can set the number of days or how long the Premium Ads will expire.  Admin can control the price in the Admin Control Panel.  The Premium Ads example below:capture


  • Admin can Sell Banner Spaces.  Visitors or Non-Members can also buy Banner Ad Space and will be able to view the stats without logging in to the website.  The Banners in this Script is shown on Top of the Page.  Admin can set the price for Banner Ad Space.
  • Members can earn commissions, there are 2 types of Memberships: Free and Pro.  Pro Members are given much more priority with regards to posting ads and commission rates.
  • Admin can contact all members via Admin Mailer.
  • Admin can set One Time Offer and a Special Offer Page.
  • Admin can make Promo Codes for Free Advertising Bundles.
  • Members can use a Viral URL Cloacker to be able to promote  2 sites at once.
  • Members can add promotional banners

If you are completely new to running these kind of websites, we are willing to walk you through 🙂  Just contact us!